We're looking for the City's first product manager


Here at the Digital Team, we’re constantly searching for ways to use modern technology to help residents. We build a number of features and products that — we hope— make the lives of residents wanting to get stuff done just a little easier.

However, sometimes we don’t have the right structure to support all the work we do. A new tool or service is created and it’s useful and looks great, but after a couple of years, technology progresses and what was once innovative becomes stale. We fail when we can’t keep up, and residents are left out in the cold.

So far, we’ve broke new ground at the City in procurement, writing an RFP that didn’t suck to attract top design firms for the redesign of Boston.gov.

Now, as work on Boston.gov continues, it’s crucial that the site grows and adapts to the changing needs of residents. To make sure that happens, we’re breaking ground again, with a plan to hire a product manager for the first time at Boston City Hall.

We’ve partnered with IDEO and Acquia on the initial redesign work (you can see the pilot site for a preview), but need a product lead to help define the ambitious, long-term Boston.gov roadmap. As we continue to make improvements through the re-launch and beyond, we’ll need someone to help guide our decisions based on the feedback of users and the needs of departments.

Are you interested or know someone else who might be? Check out our “join us” page for more info about the position. You’ll be part of a small group of design, engineering, and content specialists at the Digital Team working to keep the City focused on end users and their needs.