If you've visited next.boston.gov since our last post, you've likely noticed that we added a timeline. It's admittedly light on time-related details, but as we move forward with selecting a design partner we'll add expected dates of completion for each phase of the project. However, we feel we should be upfront about one thing about our timeline: it's a lie.

Specifically, its form has been dramatically simplified; our process will not follow such a tidy and linear path. Public input and feedback on ideas will be critical throughout and at nearly each step along the way we'll be questioning our assumptions, evaluating new discoveries and testing them against what we've produced. But for the purposes of broadly illustrating where we are at in the overall process, the straight and narrow was preferable to illustrating each iteration with Candyland-like loops.

In many ways the timeline's terminal point, the launch of our beta site, will be a beginning more so than an end. Our site will never be finished. We hope it evolves as we learn more about residents' needs and that it grows in data-driven ways long after we go-live. 

Philosophically, our beta site may be just another beginning, but it will certainly have a hard date for launch and we look forward to sharing that with you here. No lie.